Viron EQ Salt Chlorinator


$1,985.50 - $3,289.00

VIRON EQ45 CHLORINATOR-BLUETOOTH APP CONTROLVIRON EQ35 CHLORINATOR-BLUETOOTH APP CONTROLVIRON EQ CHLORINATOR-BLUETOOTH APP CONTROLVIRON EQ18 CHLORINATOR-BLUETOOTH APP CONTROLUSA - EQ 25 CHLORINATORViron EQ45 eQuilibrium ChlorinatorViron EQ35 eQuilibrium ChlorinatorViron EQ25 eQuilibrium ChlorinatorViron EQ18 eQuilibrium ChlorinatorAstralPool Viron V45 pH Salt ChlorinatorAstralPool Viron V35 pH Salt ChlorinatorAstralPool Viron V25 pH Salt ChlorinatorAstralPool Viron V18 pH Salt Chlorinator
Cell polarityReversingReversingReversingReversing
Timer functionYesYesYesYes
No. of timer periodsper dayper dayper dayper dayper dayper dayper dayper dayper day2per day2per day2per day2per day
Back-up powerYesYesYesYes
Output level (max)gms/hrgms/hrgms/hrgms/hrgms/hrgms/hrgms/hrgms/hrgms/hr45gms/hr35gms/hr25gms/hr18gms/hr
Mineral compatibleYesYesYesYes
Connection sizesmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm40 or 50mm40 or 50mm40 or 50mm40 or 50mm
Good / Better / BestBestBestBestBest
Dimensionsmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm290H x 222W x 351Lmm290H x 222W x 351Lmm290H x 222W x 351Lmm290H x 222W x 351Lmm
Clearances req'dmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmn/ammn/ammn/ammn/amm
Warranty5 years (pro-rata)5 years (pro-rata)5 years (pro-rata)5 years (pro-rata)
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Premium high efficiency salt chlorinator incorporating pH sensing and adjusting for perfect water balance and clarity. This range comes in four sizes – 18 gm/hr, 25 gm/hr, 35 gm/hr and 45gm/hr and 5rpm peristaltic pump to dose hydrochloric acid or sulphuric acid automatically into your pool or spa and maintain the pH at the perfect level. Converts salt (sodium chlorine), acqua therepe or other suitable minerals into chlorine to automatically sanistise your pool or spa.

Salt chlorinators always raise the pH of a pool or spa which lowers the effectiveness of the chlorine produced. Manually adding acid to reduce the pH is time consuming, hazardous, and unpleasant. The Viron pH Salt Chlorinator not only automatically sanitises your pool but automatically measures and adjusts your pH which reduces chlorine demand and creates a healthier swimming environment with absolutely sparkling clear water.

Suitable for salt levels between 2,800 ppm to 8,000 ppm. Supplied with tubes and connections for acid bottle, however note that acid and container must be purchased separately. Comes with a five year warranty on electrodes and cell, and 5 year pro rata warranty on controller.

Suitable replacement for: Any salt chlorinator, Rolachem or Chemigem unit

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