RolaChem 9 Series (ORP only)


$1,925.00 - $2,180.00

Rolachem RO9 100/0 - ORP ControllerRolachem RO9 20/0 - ORP ControllerRolachem RO9 5/0 - ORP Controller
Cell polarityn/an/an/a
Timer functionYesYesYes
No. of timer periods2per day2per day2per day
Back-up powerYesYesYes
Output level (max)n/agms/hrn/agms/hrn/agms/hr
Mineral compatiblen/an/an/a
Connection sizes40 or 50mm40 or 50mm40 or 50mm
Good / Better / BestBestBestBest
Dimensions290H x 222W x 351Lmm290H x 222W x 351Lmm290H x 222W x 351Lmm
Clearances req'd1,000mm1,000mm1,000mm
Warranty1 year1 year1 year
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Rolachem RO9 100/0 - ORP Controller
$150.00 $2,180.00
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The RO 9 ORP Controller incorporates a sophisticated sensor and in built peristaltic pump to dose chlorine into pools and spas. The sensor incorporates an inbuilt amplifier at the sensing point which minimises interference from other power cables or EMC and is optically coupled with the micro processor in the control unit to provide isolation from power spikes or earth leakages that otherwise can affect the processors’ performance.

The Controller is easy to operate, provides a power outlet to control the pool filtration pump and a large LCD display for all operating functions. The software uses fuzzy logic to “learn” the dosing requirements over a period of time making the ORP set point more accurate to achieve and help minimise over dosing. Available with a range of peristaltic pumps sizes from 1 to 100rpm.

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