Acquatherepe Pool Minerals


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Acquatherepe Pool Minerals $37.50
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A unique blend of minerals that can be added to the swimming pool and spa to replace traditional salt (sodium chloride). Aqua therepe is an ultra fine blend of minerals that dissolves quickly and easily in pool water. Acqua therepe puts a noticeable sheen on the pool and it’s unique blend of minerals softens the water, making skin feel softer and hair easier to brush through when leaving the pool. The potassium content is widely reported to be beneficial to the nervous and cardio vascular system, helping blood flow and calm the nervous system.

Acqua therepe also contains anti scaling agents, preventing calcium formation on tile lines, reducing calcium build up on salt cells and reducing the potential for any staining on the interior of the pool.

For softer, healthier skin and a feeling of calm and wellbeing after swimming transform your pool into an Acqua therepe pool.

Suitable replacement for: Pool Salt and Magna Pool.

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