AstralPool ZX Filters


$622.00 - $1,111.00

Hurlcon ZX 250 Pool FilterHurlcon ZX 200 Pool FilterZX 150 CARTRIDGE FILTERZX 100 CARTRIDGE FILTERZX 75 CARTRIDGE FILTERHurlcon ZX 50 Pool Filter
Filtration typeCartridgeCartridgeCartridgeCartridgeCartridgeCartridge
Effective Micron size10 to 1510 to 1510 to 1510 to 1510 to 1510 to 15
Connection sizes40 or 5040 or 5040 or 5040 or 5040 or 5040 or 50
Flow rates (max)515ltrs/min490ltrs/min445ltrs/min375ltrs/min290ltrs/min225ltrs/min
Good / Better / BestBetterBetterBetterBetterBetterBetter
Dimensions865H x 345W x 345Lmm865H x 345W x 345Lmm665H x 345W x 345Lmm665H x 345W x 345Lmm465H x 345W x 345Lmm465H x 345W x 345Lmm
Clearances req'd1,730 (high)mm1,730 (high)mm1,330 (high)mm1,330 (high)mm930 (high)mm930 (high)mm
Warranty5 years (limited)5 years (limited)5 years (limited)5 years (limited)5 years (limited)5 years (limited)
Glass required (course)n/akgsn/akgsn/akgsn/akgsn/akgsn/akgs
Glass required (fine)n/akgsn/akgsn/akgsn/akgsn/akgsn/akgs
OR Sand requiredn/akgsn/akgsn/akgsn/akgsn/akgsn/akgs
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Hurlcon ZX 50 Pool Filter
$150.00 $622.00
Hurlcon ZX 250 Pool Filter
$150.00 $1,111.00
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Easy to install, easy to use. The ZX Cartridge Filter is Australia’s most popular pool filter. High quality polyester filter elements remove debris and particles as small as 5 micron and resist dirt imbedding in the surface to make cleaning easier. The largest range of sizes from 50 Sq Ft to 250 Sq Ft means there is a filter perfect for your pool or spa and the larger the size the less often cleaning is required. Consider the following features: High quality oil filled pressure gauge, large 50mm inlet connections glue into barrel unions which allow easy disconnect for future service, the lid lock ring gradually and easily lifts the lid off when undone and large lid handles make this one of the easiest to manage cartridge filters available. The wide body means lower total height which allows a larger filter to be installed in confined spaces.

Suitable replacement for: Any Spa Quip, Davey, Poolrite, Onga, Quiptron, WaterCo Cartridge Filters

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