AstralPool Cantabric Filter


$853.00 - $1,298.00

CA 300 MEDIA FILTER AND 50MM MULTIPORTCANTABRIC C400 MEDIA FILTER & 50MM MULTIPORTCANTABRIC C360 MEDIA FILTER AND 50MM MULTIPORTC 280 MEDIA FILTERAstralPool C400 Cantabric Pool FilterAstralPool C280 Cantabric Pool FilterAstralPool C180 Cantabric Pool FilterAstralPool C320 Cantabric Pool Filter
Filtration typeSand (Media)Sand (Media)Sand (Media)Sand (Media)
Effective Micron size3 to 303 to 303 to 303 to 30
Connection sizes50404050
Flow rates (max)ltrs/minltrs/minltrs/minltrs/min400ltrs/min280ltrs/min180ltrs/min320ltrs/min
Good / Better / BestBetterBetterBetterBetter
Dimensionsmmmmmmmm1250H x 800W x 800Lmm1030H x 655W x 655Lmm970H x 550W x 550Lmm1090H x 655W x 655Lmm
Clearances req'dmmmmmmmm300mm300mm300mm300mm
Warranty10 years (limited)10 years (limited)10 years (limited)10 years (limited)
Glass required (course)kgskgskgskgs90kgs60kgs45kgs60kgs
Glass required (fine)kgskgskgskgs150kgs75kgs55kgs90kgs
OR Sand requiredkgskgskgskgs250kgs150kgs100kgs150kgs
product installation price  
AstralPool C320 Cantabric Pool Filter
$250.00 $946.00
AstralPool C280 Cantabric Pool Filter
$250.00 $908.00
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AstralPool’s premium range of residential Sand Filters is the only complete range of residential Sand filters that are completely injection moulded. Engineered for high strength, long life and hydraulically balanced filtration. Made from high strength PP and incorporating large drain for fast sand changes and servicing, screw on valve clamps for fast and easy installation, self sealing barrel unions and an oil filled pressure gauge. Can operate up to a maximum pressure of 250 kPa. Suitable for sand, zeolite or glass filter media.

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