AstralPool Heat Pump


$2,640.00 - $14,294.50

ASTRALPOOL 5 KW HEAT PUMP 3 PHASEASTRALPOOL INVERTOR 9.0KW HEAT PUMPAstralPool BPA900 6HP Heat PumpAstralPool BPA800 5HP Heat PumpAstralPool BPA700 4HP Heat PumpAstralPool BPA600 3HP Heat PumpAstralPool BPA400 2HP Heat Pump
Input typeHeat pumpHeat pumpHeat pumpHeat Pump
Output (max)25.0 kW21.0 kW17.0 kW8.5 kW
Hourly running cost****$1.38**$1.13**$0.88**$0.43**
Heat ExchangerTitaniumTitaniumTitaniumTitanium
Controller compatibleYesYesYesYes
10 degree heat up time50,000 ltr Pool50,000 ltr Pool29.4 hrs50,000 ltr Pool35.0 hrs50,000 ltr Pool43.2 hrs50,000 ltr Pool86.4 hrs50,000 ltr Pool
10 degree heat up time2,000 ltr Spa2,000 ltr Spa2.3 hrs2,000 ltr Spa2.8 hrs2,000 ltr Spa3.4 hrs2,000 ltr Spa6.8 hrs2,000 ltr Spa
Good / Better / BestBestBestBestBest
Dimensionsmmmm950H x 340W x 1,300Lmm950H x 340W x 1,300Lmm950H x 340W x 1,300Lmm860H x 310W x 920Lmm
Clearances req'dmmmm500mm500mm500mm500mm
Warranty10 years (limited)10 years (limited)5 years (limited)10 years (limited)
product installation price  
AstralPool BPA400 2HP Heat Pump
$295.00 $4,433.00
AstralPool BPA600 3HP Heat Pump
$295.00 $6,639.00
AstralPool BPA700 4HP Heat Pump
$295.00 $9,229.00
AstralPool BPA800 5HP Heat Pump
$295.00 $9,961.00
All prices are shown in AUD  

Electric Heat Pumps generate 5 times the heat output of electricity they consume giving them an efficiency of around 500%. AstralPool Heat Pumps are available in 5 sizes from 8.5 kW output to 25 kW and are suitable for all residential pools and spas.

The 8.5 kW and 13 kW output heat pumps are easily installed and often require only a simply electrical hook up. While small in heating capacity they are ideal solar heating alternatives with the advantage of providing heat even when the sun is not shining. Larger models such as the 17 kW, 21 kW and 25 kW output units may be large enough to heat your pool all year round but will generally require dedicated power supply from the meter either in 3 phase or single phase.

Each heat pump incorporates a plastic non corrosive housing, titanium heat exchanger in an injection moulded shell, ultra quiet fan and compressor operation, side air discharge and a protective coating over the air coil.

Suitable replacement for: Solar Heating systems, small gas heaters/heating systems, any unheated swimming pool.

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