AstralPool ECA Filter


$517.00 - $682.00

EC 550 MEDIA FILTER - 40MMAstralPool EC650 Pool FilterAstralPool EC550 Pool FilterRX 300 FILTER TANK WITH INTERNALS
Filtration typeSand (Media)Sand (Media)
Effective Micron size3 to 303 to 30
Connection sizes4040
Flow rates (max)ltrs/min650ltrs/min550ltrs/minltrs/min
Good / Better / BestGoodGood
Dimensionsmm1010H x 650W x 650Lmm960H x 575W x 575Lmmmm
Clearances req'dmm300mm300mmmm
Warranty10 years (pro-rata)10 years (pro-rata)
Glass required (course)kgs60kgs45kgskgs
Glass required (fine)kgs75kgs55kgskgs
OR Sand requiredkgs150kgs100kgskgs
product installation price  
AstralPool EC550 Pool Filter
$250.00 $638.00
AstralPool EC650 Pool Filter
$250.00 $682.00
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